John Lobb Monk Strap Shoes Review

by Demetrio on March 2, 2010

The quality of their footwear is second to none. The drawback is that this kind of quality and exclusivity comes at a price.

Even though your host is happy to throw real money at shoes, the prices were such as to make Goldeneye gulp !

That said, the cost starts to represent value when you learn that John Lobb shoes are actually handed down through generations and often refurbished in their workshops.

If you are in a position to play this game then nothing comes more highly recommended for the English Gentleman. Handmade, stitched and lasted from the finest leather by an in house team of craftsmen – there is simply nothing to compare !

The only question that remains is – will I dig deep enough into the Goldeneye coffers – I suspect I’ll fail at the last minute and go Crockett and Jones.

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