Berluti shoes – a follow up

by Demetrio on March 2, 2010

The Indio ankle boot
The Indio was the design that captivated me when I was first introduce to Berluti.

While I did try other models, I felt most at ease with the Indio design, firstly for its casualness. I already had several pairs of “busyness” shoes and I wanted something a little more flambouyant.

Secondly, I found the hand sewn stitch work to be particularly attractive and yet unique.  Having researched other shoemakers, none had taken such an approach to shoemaking.The thickness of the leather stitching not only give its a feel of “solid” construction but I think it adds great character.

It runs the length of the sole…

And the attention to detail is just superb.

… right round the back.

Thirdly, the patina and colour of the leather was just amazing with three distinct shades including a tinge of

green.  I had contemplated a darker colour (which was really a dark purple) but under the advice of Bill and another shoe connoisseur, who both said that Berluti were best known for their wonderful lighter colours, I decided to go with the tan.  Great advice Bill!

Finally, the intricate design of the sole was just magnificent!  I just don’t want to walk on this beautiful work! LOL!!

According to Berluti, the Indio is their only pair of “trainers” with its design aimed at combining the comfort of sneakers with bootmaking finishes and durability.  Based on a study of Indian shoes, the sole is entirely resoleable.  Having just purchased this, it is very comfortable with excellent arch support.  However, I’ve been told that as the leather softens, the comfort will increase.

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