Press Comments on the SM

by Demetrio on March 2, 2010

The work planned by the legendary Citroën DS model, which is already an outstanding driving safety, coupled with high comfort, a top position had been created in the automotive, building a sporting “Grand Turismo” on. Damit sollten grosse Distanzen schnell, sicher und nahezu ermüdungsfrei zurückgelegt werden können. Thus the distances they should be fast, safe and almost fatigue can be covered. Durch die Übernahme des italienischen Maserati-Werkes hatte man auch schon einen erfahrenen Erbauer für einen leistungsfähigen, sportlichen Motor. Through the acquisition of the Italian Maserati factory had been already an experienced builder for a powerful, sporty engines.

As futuristic as the design of the Citroën-Maserati also stated:

The strength of the SM was the opinion of Citroën boss Sarre his superior level of security in connection with the special comfort. Diese Einschätzung teilten nahezu alle Kritiker: Beim Citroën-Maserati, so hiess es, handelt es sich um das hochentwickeltste und intelligenteste aller französischen Autos: die perfektionierteste Technik sichere ihm seine Ausnahmestellung. This assessment is shared almost all the critics: The Citroën-Maserati, so it was said, is the most advanced and most intelligent of all French cars: the safe technique he perfected his unique position. Der SM sei in der Summe seiner Qualitäten nur dem Mercedes 600 vergleichbar. The SM 600 was comparable to the sum of its qualities only the Mercedes. Und eine deutsche Autozeitung kam zum Résumé: “im Rolls-Royce und im Mercedes 600 fährt man nicht komfortabler als im SM”. And a German car magazine came to Résumé: “Rolls-Royce and travels in a Mercedes 600 is not more comfortable than in the SM.


Citroen SM EFI 1972

by Demetrio on March 2, 2010

It is an early EFI model and rare to get one tax exempt.

The car has always been garaged to protect it from the worst of the British weather, and is only driven when the roads are dry. It is kept fully maintained and serviced by a Citroen specialist.

Overall it is in excellent condition. The only thing that I can fault is minor rust to the tailgate and rear wheel skirts.

I recently had work done to the front end of the car and had the mechanic “fix” the inner headlights so they do not swivel. This is a practical change as they are very technical and intricate, and the benefits of “swivel” headlights do not outweigh the future maintenance issues. And anyway, the car looks best with the headlights set straight ahead at all times rather than cock eyed as the hydraulic system can leave them.

All the usual engine modifications have been carried out. Exhaust valves, injector upgrades and cam chain etc. Everything else on the car has been professionally serviced and maintained.

This car went straight through its MOT end of October 2009 and is tax exempt.

Despite what people may think of these cars, it is 100% reliable and used weekly when the roads are dry. It provides amazing ride comfort, performance and a beautiful sound from the V6 Maserati engine.

This car cruises easily at high speed on the motorway despite being 38 years old, and is arrow straight even under braking.

Recent new brake pads installed and a free set to come with the car. Superb braking and steering supplied from the Diravi system. Hydraulics are perfect, and the car has new tyres that are hardly worn in.

I have lots of receipts and history that were supplied when I purchased the car.